Discovering Belgian Treasures: Must-Visit Places in Belgium


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Belgium, a small country located in Western Europe, is often overlooked by travelers in favor of its more famous neighbors like France and Germany. However, Belgium has a rich cultural and historical heritage that is worth exploring. From its fascinating architecture to its world-famous chocolate and beer scenes, Belgium offers a unique and diverse range of attractions that are sure to captivate any visitor. In this article, we will delve into the various aspects of Belgium’s cultural heritage and highlight some must-visit attractions in the country.

Key Takeaways

  • Belgium boasts a unique cultural and historical heritage that is worth exploring.
  • Brussels is home to fascinating architecture that showcases the city’s rich history and culture.
  • Antwerp is a must-visit destination for art lovers, with a rich artistic legacy to discover.
  • Bruges offers a medieval charm that transports visitors back in time.
  • Belgian chocolate is world-famous and a must-try for any foodie visiting the country.

Exploring the Fascinating Architecture of Brussels

Brussels, the capital city of Belgium, is known for its stunning architecture that reflects the city’s rich history and diverse influences. The city boasts a mix of architectural styles, ranging from Gothic to Art Nouveau. One of the must-visit landmarks in Brussels is the Grand Place, a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the most beautiful squares in Europe. The square is surrounded by stunning buildings, including the Town Hall and the Maison du Roi.

Another architectural gem in Brussels is the Atomium, a futuristic structure built for the 1958 World Expo. The Atomium is an iconic symbol of Brussels and offers panoramic views of the city from its observation deck. Other notable architectural attractions in Brussels include the Royal Palace, Saint Michael and Saint Gudula Cathedral, and the Cinquantenaire Arch.

Discovering the Rich Artistic Legacy of Antwerp

Antwerp, Belgium’s second-largest city, has a thriving art scene that dates back centuries. The city was home to many famous artists, including Peter Paul Rubens, who had a significant influence on Flemish Baroque painting. Today, Antwerp is known for its vibrant contemporary art scene and is home to numerous museums and galleries.

One of the must-visit museums in Antwerp is the Royal Museum of Fine Arts, which houses an extensive collection of Flemish and Dutch paintings from the 14th to the 20th century. Another notable museum is the Museum aan de Stroom (MAS), which showcases the city’s history and culture through various art and historical exhibitions.

Uncovering the Medieval Charm of Bruges

Category Metric
Population 118,284
Area 138.4 km²
Language Dutch, French, English, German
Attractions Belfry of Bruges, Basilica of the Holy Blood, Groeningemuseum, Markt, Minnewater, Church of Our Lady Bruges
History Founded in the 9th century, Bruges was a prominent city in the medieval period and a center of trade and commerce. It was also a major cultural center, with many artists and writers calling it home.
Food Belgian chocolate, waffles, frites, beer, mussels, Flemish stew
Transportation Buses, trains, bicycles, boats

Bruges, often referred to as the “Venice of the North,” is a picturesque city that is renowned for its well-preserved medieval architecture. The city’s historic center is a UNESCO World Heritage site and offers visitors a glimpse into its rich medieval history.

One of the must-visit landmarks in Bruges is the Belfry of Bruges, a medieval bell tower that offers panoramic views of the city. The Church of Our Lady, with its towering spire and famous Michelangelo sculpture, is another architectural gem in Bruges. Visitors can also explore the city’s network of canals by taking a boat tour or simply strolling along the picturesque streets and squares.

Indulging in the World-Famous Belgian Chocolate Scene

Belgium is renowned for its chocolate, and no visit to the country would be complete without indulging in some of its delectable treats. Belgian chocolate is known for its high quality and craftsmanship, with many chocolatiers using traditional methods and premium ingredients.

One of the must-visit chocolate shops in Belgium is Pierre Marcolini, a renowned chocolatier known for his innovative flavors and exquisite creations. Another notable chocolate shop is Neuhaus, which has been producing chocolates since 1857 and is credited with inventing the praline.

Sampling the Best of Belgian Beer Culture

Belgium has a long-standing beer culture that dates back centuries. The country is known for its wide variety of beer styles, including Trappist beers, lambics, and abbey beers. Belgian beers are often brewed by traditional methods and are known for their complex flavors and high alcohol content.

One of the must-visit breweries in Belgium is the Westvleteren Brewery, which produces some of the most sought-after Trappist beers in the world. Another notable brewery is Cantillon Brewery, which specializes in traditional lambic beers and offers guided tours and tastings.

Exploring the Natural Wonders of the Ardennes

The Ardennes, a region located in the southern part of Belgium, is known for its stunning natural beauty and outdoor activities. The region is characterized by rolling hills, dense forests, and picturesque villages.

One of the must-visit parks in the Ardennes is the High Fens-Eifel Nature Park, which offers hiking trails, cycling routes, and breathtaking views. The region is also home to numerous caves, including the Han-sur-Lesse Caves, which can be explored on guided tours.

Relaxing in the Picturesque Coastal Towns of Flanders

Flanders, the northern region of Belgium, is home to several picturesque coastal towns that are perfect for a relaxing getaway. The towns boast beautiful sandy beaches, charming promenades, and a laid-back atmosphere.

One of the must-visit coastal towns in Flanders is Knokke-Heist, which is known for its upscale beach resorts and vibrant art scene. Another notable town is Ostend, which offers a mix of historical landmarks, modern architecture, and a lively cultural scene.

Learning about Belgium’s Role in European History and Politics

Belgium has played a significant role in European history and politics. The country has been at the crossroads of various European powers throughout its history and has witnessed numerous conflicts and political changes.

One of the must-visit historical landmarks in Belgium is the Battle of Waterloo site, where Napoleon Bonaparte was defeated in 1815. Visitors can explore the battlefield and learn about the events that led to Napoleon’s downfall.

Experiencing the Festive Spirit of Belgian Carnivals and Festivals

Belgium is known for its vibrant carnival and festival culture, with numerous events taking place throughout the year. These events offer a unique opportunity to experience Belgium’s festive spirit and cultural traditions.

One of the must-visit carnivals in Belgium is the Carnival of Binche, which is recognized as a UNESCO Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. The carnival features elaborate costumes, traditional dances, and the famous Gilles, who throw oranges to the crowd.
Belgium may be a small country, but it is rich in cultural and historical heritage. From its fascinating architecture to its world-famous chocolate and beer scenes, Belgium offers a unique and diverse range of attractions that are sure to captivate any visitor. Whether you’re exploring the medieval charm of Bruges, indulging in Belgian chocolate, or experiencing the festive spirit of Belgian carnivals, there is something for everyone in this enchanting country. So why not plan a trip to Belgium and discover its unique attractions for yourself?

If you’re planning a trip to Belgium, you won’t want to miss out on the charming cities, picturesque countryside, and delicious cuisine that this European gem has to offer. From the historic streets of Brussels to the medieval beauty of Bruges, there’s something for everyone in this diverse country. And if you’re looking for some insider tips on the best places to visit in Belgium, be sure to check out this article on navigating post-menopausal life and exploring effective treatment options. It may seem like an unrelated topic, but it’s always good to take care of your health while traveling!


What are some popular tourist destinations in Belgium?

Some popular tourist destinations in Belgium include Brussels, Bruges, Ghent, Antwerp, and the Ardennes region.

What is the best time to visit Belgium?

The best time to visit Belgium is during the summer months of June to August when the weather is mild and there are many outdoor festivals and events.

What is the currency used in Belgium?

The currency used in Belgium is the Euro.

What are some famous Belgian foods?

Some famous Belgian foods include waffles, chocolate, fries, mussels, and beer.

What is the official language of Belgium?

The official languages of Belgium are Dutch, French, and German.

What are some must-see attractions in Brussels?

Some must-see attractions in Brussels include the Grand Place, Manneken Pis, Atomium, and the Royal Palace of Brussels.

What is the transportation system like in Belgium?

Belgium has a well-developed transportation system with trains, buses, and trams connecting major cities and towns. Taxis and rental cars are also available.

What is the legal drinking age in Belgium?

The legal drinking age in Belgium is 16 for beer and wine, and 18 for spirits.


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