Discovering the Magic of Finland: A Guide for Tourists


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Finland, located in Northern Europe, is a country known for its breathtaking natural beauty. With its vast forests, thousands of lakes, and stunning coastline, Finland offers visitors a chance to immerse themselves in nature like no other place. The country is also home to unique wildlife, including reindeer and brown bears, making it a haven for nature enthusiasts and wildlife lovers.

The history of Finland is rich and diverse. It was once part of the Kingdom of Sweden before becoming a Grand Duchy under the Russian Empire. Finland gained its independence in 1917 and has since developed into a modern and prosperous nation. Despite its tumultuous past, Finland has managed to preserve its unique culture and traditions.

Key Takeaways

  • Finland is a country known for its natural beauty, with enchanting landscapes and breathtaking scenery.
  • The country has a rich culture and history, with unique traditions and customs that are worth exploring.
  • The best time to visit Finland depends on your preferences, with each season offering its own unique experiences and activities.
  • Top tourist attractions in Finland include cities, landmarks, and hidden gems that showcase the country’s beauty and charm.
  • Finland’s cuisine is unique and delicious, with local delicacies that are a must-try for any foodie.

Exploring the Rich Culture and History of Finland

Finnish culture is deeply rooted in traditions and customs that have been passed down through generations. The Finns are known for their love of nature and the outdoors, which is reflected in their way of life. Sauna culture is an integral part of Finnish life, with nearly every household having a sauna. It is a place for relaxation, socializing, and even conducting business meetings.

Finland has also produced many famous artists and writers who have made significant contributions to the world of art and literature. Artists like Akseli Gallen-Kallela and Helene Schjerfbeck have gained international recognition for their unique styles. Finnish literature is also highly regarded, with authors like Aleksis Kivi and Tove Jansson leaving a lasting impact on the literary world.

For those interested in history, Finland offers a wealth of historical landmarks and museums to explore. The Suomenlinna Fortress in Helsinki is a UNESCO World Heritage site and provides insight into Finland’s military history. The National Museum of Finland showcases the country’s history from prehistoric times to the present day. Other notable museums include the Ateneum Art Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma.

The Best Time to Visit Finland: Seasons and Weather

Finland experiences four distinct seasons, each offering a unique experience for visitors. The summer months of June to August are the warmest and offer long days with nearly 24 hours of daylight in the northern parts of the country. This is the best time to visit for outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, and kayaking. The Finnish countryside comes alive with vibrant greenery, and the lakes and rivers are perfect for swimming and boating.

Winter in Finland is a magical time, especially in Lapland, where you can experience the famous Northern Lights. From December to March, the country is covered in a blanket of snow, creating a winter wonderland. This is the best time to visit for skiing, snowboarding, and other winter sports. It is also the perfect time to visit Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi, where you can meet Santa himself and experience the magic of Christmas.

Spring and autumn are transitional seasons in Finland, offering milder weather and fewer crowds. These seasons are ideal for exploring cities like Helsinki and Turku, as well as enjoying cultural events such as music festivals and art exhibitions.

Top Tourist Attractions in Finland: Cities, Landmarks, and Hidden Gems

City Landmark Hidden Gem
Helsinki Suomenlinna Korkeasaari Zoo
Tampere Tampere Cathedral Pyynikki Observation Tower
Turku Turku Castle Luostarinmäki Handicrafts Museum
Rovaniemi Santa Claus Village Arktikum Science Museum
Oulu Oulu Cathedral Hupisaaret Park

Helsinki, the capital city of Finland, is a must-visit destination. It is known for its beautiful architecture, vibrant cultural scene, and bustling markets. The Helsinki Cathedral, Senate Square, and Suomenlinna Fortress are some of the city’s most iconic landmarks. The city also offers a wide range of museums, including the Ateneum Art Museum and the Museum of Finnish Architecture.

Turku, located on the southwest coast of Finland, is another city worth exploring. It is known for its medieval castle, Turku Castle, which dates back to the 13th century. The city also has a vibrant food and drink scene, with numerous restaurants and cafes offering a taste of Finnish cuisine.

In addition to the cities, Finland is home to several famous landmarks that attract tourists from around the world. The Northern Lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis, can be seen in the northern parts of the country during the winter months. The Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi is a popular destination for families, where you can meet Santa Claus, visit his reindeer, and experience the magic of Christmas.

For those looking to venture off the beaten path, Finland has many hidden gems waiting to be discovered. The Kvarken Archipelago, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is a unique destination with its rocky islands and shifting landscapes. The Koli National Park offers stunning views of Lake Pielinen and is a paradise for hikers and nature lovers. The town of Porvoo, with its charming old town and colorful wooden houses, is another hidden gem worth exploring.

Experiencing Finland’s Unique Cuisine and Local Delicacies

Finnish cuisine is known for its simplicity and use of fresh, local ingredients. Traditional Finnish dishes often include fish, berries, mushrooms, and root vegetables. One of the most famous Finnish dishes is salmon soup, made with fresh salmon, potatoes, and dill. Other popular dishes include reindeer stew, Karelian pasties (a type of pastry filled with rice or potatoes), and rye bread.

When visiting Finland, be sure to try some of the local delicacies. Salmiakki, a salty licorice candy, is a unique Finnish treat that you either love or hate. For coffee lovers, Finland is known for its coffee culture, with Finns being among the highest consumers of coffee per capita in the world. Be sure to try a cup of Finnish coffee paired with a cinnamon bun, a popular sweet treat.

There are also many restaurants and cafes in Finland that offer a taste of Finnish cuisine. In Helsinki, restaurants like Savotta and Juuri serve traditional Finnish dishes with a modern twist. For a more casual dining experience, try the famous Finnish fast food chain Hesburger, known for its burgers made with Finnish beef.

Outdoor Adventures in Finland: Hiking, Skiing, and More

Finland’s vast wilderness and national parks offer endless opportunities for outdoor adventures. The country has 40 national parks, each with its own unique landscapes and hiking trails. The Urho Kekkonen National Park in Lapland is a popular destination for hiking and camping, with its rugged fells and pristine wilderness.

During the winter months, Finland transforms into a winter sports paradise. Lapland is the best place to go skiing and snowboarding, with several ski resorts offering slopes for all skill levels. Cross-country skiing is also a popular activity in Finland, with numerous trails crisscrossing the country.

In addition to hiking and skiing, Finland offers a wide range of other outdoor activities. Fishing is a beloved pastime in Finland, with thousands of lakes and rivers teeming with fish. You can also try your hand at kayaking or canoeing in the many waterways that dot the Finnish landscape.

Relaxing in Finland’s Saunas and Spas: A Cultural Tradition

Sauna culture is deeply ingrained in Finnish life and is considered a national treasure. There are over three million saunas in Finland, which is more than the total population of the country. Saunas are not just places to relax and unwind; they are also considered sacred spaces for physical and mental well-being.

When visiting Finland, be sure to experience a traditional Finnish sauna. The Löyly sauna in Helsinki is a modern sauna complex that offers stunning views of the Baltic Sea. The Sauna World at the Rantasipi Aulanko Hotel in Hämeenlinna is another popular destination, with its variety of saunas and spa treatments.

For a unique sauna experience, try ice swimming. Many saunas in Finland are located near lakes or the sea, allowing visitors to take a refreshing dip in the icy waters after a hot sauna session. Ice swimming is believed to have numerous health benefits and is a popular activity among Finns.

Meeting the Friendly People of Finland: Customs and Etiquette

The Finnish people are known for their friendly and reserved nature. They value personal space and privacy, so it is important to respect their boundaries. Finns are also known for their honesty and directness, so don’t be surprised if they speak their mind.

When meeting someone for the first time, it is customary to shake hands and make eye contact. Finns are not big on small talk, so don’t be offended if they seem reserved or quiet. It is also important to be punctual when meeting someone, as Finns value timeliness.

Cultural differences to be aware of include the Finnish concept of “sisu,” which means perseverance and determination. Finns are known for their resilience and ability to endure difficult situations. It is also important to remove your shoes when entering someone’s home, as it is considered impolite to wear shoes indoors.

Sustainable Tourism in Finland: Protecting the Environment and Wildlife

Finland is committed to sustainable tourism and protecting its pristine natural environment. The country has implemented strict regulations to ensure that tourism activities do not harm the environment or wildlife. This includes responsible waste management, promoting eco-friendly transportation options, and supporting local communities.

There are many eco-friendly activities and accommodations available for visitors in Finland. From eco-lodges in national parks to sustainable tour operators, there are plenty of options for those who want to minimize their impact on the environment. Visitors can also participate in wildlife conservation efforts, such as volunteering at a reindeer farm or participating in a birdwatching tour.

Planning Your Trip to Finland: Tips for Accommodation, Transportation, and Budgeting

When planning your trip to Finland, there are several factors to consider. The best way to get around Finland is by public transportation, which is efficient and reliable. Trains and buses connect major cities and towns, while domestic flights are available for those traveling long distances.

Accommodation options in Finland range from budget-friendly hostels to luxury hotels. There are also many unique accommodations available, such as glass igloos in Lapland or traditional Finnish cottages by the lakeside. It is advisable to book accommodation in advance, especially during peak tourist seasons.

Finland can be an expensive destination, especially in popular tourist areas. However, there are ways to save money while traveling in Finland. Consider visiting during the shoulder seasons when prices are lower and crowds are smaller. Take advantage of free attractions and activities, such as exploring national parks or attending cultural events. It is also a good idea to try local street food or visit local markets for affordable dining options.

In conclusion, Finland is a land of enchanting natural beauty, rich culture, and unique experiences. Whether you are exploring the vibrant cities, immersing yourself in nature, or relaxing in a traditional sauna, Finland offers something for everyone. With its commitment to sustainable tourism and preservation of the environment, Finland is a destination that can be enjoyed for generations to come.

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What is a Finnish tourist?

A Finnish tourist is a person who travels from Finland to another country for leisure or business purposes.

What are some popular destinations for Finnish tourists?

Popular destinations for Finnish tourists include Spain, Thailand, Greece, Italy, and Turkey.

What is the average length of a Finnish tourist’s trip?

The average length of a Finnish tourist’s trip is around 7-10 days.

What is the main reason for Finnish tourists to travel?

The main reason for Finnish tourists to travel is for leisure and relaxation.

What is the estimated number of Finnish tourists who travel abroad each year?

According to the Finnish Border Guard, around 4.5 million Finnish tourists travel abroad each year.

What is the impact of Finnish tourism on the economy?

Finnish tourism has a significant impact on the economy, contributing to job creation and generating revenue for the tourism industry.

What are some cultural differences that Finnish tourists may encounter when traveling abroad?

Finnish tourists may encounter cultural differences in terms of social norms, customs, and etiquette when traveling abroad. For example, in some countries, it is customary to tip service staff, while in Finland, tipping is not expected.


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